Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trainer Camp

At Trainer Camp each participant was provided with a professional head shot, a recorded two minute laser focused message, work on communication excellence and much more. Please view our Slide Show than scroll down to view each Trainer's headshot with thier testimonial, unique offering and contact info. For exceptional training or coaching I encourage you to contact anyone of these amazing people below. Steven Munn

"Trainer Camp was over the top. I learned so much from everyone and it was great to be able to deepen my work in such a supportive enviroment, It gave me the chance to practice, try new things and review" Steven A Munn
Steve is the founder of Clear Point Center and director of Trainer Camp. He specializes in designing world class training programs and retreats, Emotional release work and creating community.
To contact Steve: / 860-684-3994

Shannon McCarthy is the resident artist and head food designer at Clear Point. You can be assured that every meal is filled with love, creativity and taste great. Shannon is a fine artist and you can see her work and contact her at

"At Trainer Camp I recieved clarity on my mission and passion. What really worked for me was an awesome headshot, great food, being video taped, practicing and doing movement excersises" Doug Larson
Doug is a Holistic Health Counselor who specializes in building community through music, dance, yoga, nutrition and adventure.
To Contact Doug go to

"Trainer Camp was a 10, I loved it!" Tricia Gorton
Tricia specializes in risk management and team development.
To contact Tricia: / 1-347-406-6114

"I received clarity on my message and a connection with myself and others that is quite profound" Deborah Cater
Deborah specializes and works with corporations.
To contact Deborah: 914-834-2736

"Trainer Camp was profound, transformational and deeply connecting. I loved the practice and I discovered my GREATNESS!" Scott Sandoz
Scott is a business coach and trainer who offers tools to build deep and lasting relationships betweem small and large business and thier customers.
To contact Scott: / 1-610-628-0110

"This remarkable 3 day Trainer Camp was intimate, engaging, and sincerely fullfilling. Steve and Shannon have created an abundantly warm and healthy enviroment in order to give an outstanding opportunity for growth and development" Rick Panson
Rick is a Raw Foods Chef and Educator. His style is engaging, straight from the heart and makes it fun and easy to incorporate Raw Foods into any lifestyle.
To contact Rick: / 917-568-4092

Sonya Ashley works with people looking to create breakthroughs around money and abundance. To Contact Sonya: / 1-908-884-0966

"I loved this Trainer Camp! Clear Point is the perfect space to facilate a program like this" Erin Carden
Erin can help you recover your health and vitality by designing a 6 month
plan that works with your real life. Erin offers private coaching, group
coaching, corporate wellness programs, and Nutritional Cleansing.
Call for a free consultation today!
To contact Erin Carden:

"I loved the homemade food and the way the house is set up. The natural setting is glorious and the program was very balanced" Ruth A Kohake
Ruth is a facilater for Drumming, Chanting and Toneing.
To contact Ruth: / 914-237-5405

Peter Woronoff is a master Tai Chi trainer in the NYC area.
To Contact Peter: / 1-908-658-9437

"This program exceeded my expectations. We got so much accomplished and had so much fun doing it" Bette Friedlander
Bette and her husband own a graphic design/marketing company which specializes in helping small to medium size businesses flourish.
To contact Bette:

"I recieved honest feedback, friendship, teamwork and real life usable information and tools. I also got to experiment in a safe environment." Tina Felluss, NY
Tina is a Psychotherapist who specializes in Transformational Nia which incoporates music, movement, dance, yoga, bodywork and awareness.
To contact Tina: 212.662.3850 /

"Wow, What an amazing gift! I feel supported, cared for, challenged and opened up to fresh possibilities". Jacqui Bishop, M.S.
Jacqui is the co-author of, "How to forgive when you don't know how". She coaches and runs group programs on relationships and forgivness.
To contact Jacqui: / 914-997-9611